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Twitter TAF dataset: Detecting topically anomalous friendships.

As the popularity and usage of social media exploded over the years, mining social media data for different purposes became an important endeavor. In this paper, we analyze data interest patterns of social network users in time to understand individual and collective user behavior on social networks. By using two snapshots from the Twitter network, […]

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Twitter DIFF dataset. Friends of users in 2009 and 2013

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  2009 2013 Friendships 26 397 373 78 219 353 Unique friends 4 246 174 15 587 662   We are sharing a dataset of two Twitter snapshots for a set of 160 489 users. The dataset contains two data files; graph2009.txt and graph2013.txt. Graph2009 data is extracted from a dataset by Kwak et al. […]

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