StrictSociaLab  is a research laboratory of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Science  at the University of Insubria, Varese, Italy.​

Main Research Areas

The mission of our lab is to develop tools and technologies that better preserve user privacy and security by, at the same time, making users able to fully benefit from the many opportunities that today ICT offers in terms of information/knowledge sharing. This requires to think about privacy and security in an innovative way wrt what has been done in traditional data management systems.

We are currently pursuing this goal in a variety of contexts, ranging from Iot, to social web, Big Data and NoSQL databases, emergency management, web services, and mobile payment systems. We are doing research on the application of machine learning tools to privacy-aware data management and trust management. We are also interested in studying the interplay among trust, privacy and risk.

Please go through the website for a detailed view of our work and  send us an email for any further information.​