Master Theses

Early Ransomware Detection based on Pre-Attack ActivitiesMalware Detection, RansomwareExperimentalElena Ferrari, and Barbara CarminatiAhmed Lekssays
Blockchain-based Malware Recovery Framework for Internet of Things
Blockchain, IoT, Malware RecoveryExperimentalElena Ferrari, and Barbara CarminatiAhmed Lekssays
AutoBotCatcher: Blockchain-based P2P Botnet Detection for the Internet of ThingsBlockchain, Malware Detection, Botnet, IoTExperimentalElena Ferrari, and Barbara CarminatiAhmed Lekssays
State-of-the-art on distributed ledger technology (DLT) for privacy preservingPrivacy, cybersecurity, blockchain, DLT, IoT, dAppExperimentalElena Ferrari, and Barbara CarminatiDaidone Federico
Adversarial Deep LearningDeep Learning, Adversarial AttacksExperimentalElena Ferrari, and Barbara CarminatiTu Hoang
Blockchain & Access ControlBlockchain, Ethereum, smart contracts, Access controlExperimentalElena Ferrari, and Barbara CarminatiRondanini Christian

Bachelor Theses

A Decentralized Application (dApp) for Bike Renting based on Ethereum BlockchainBlockchain, Ethereum, dAppsExperimentalElena FerrariAhmed Lekssays
Malware Classification based on Abstract Syntax TreesMalware DetectionExperimental Barbara CarminatiAhmed Lekssays
Ponzi Smart Contracts Detection on EthereumBlockchain, Ethereum, Fraud DetectionExperimentalElena FerrariAhmed Lekssays