Research Spirit – Rethinking access control and security services for a better controlled, better protected information.

Data are one the most important assets in any organization. As such, their protection from any kind of intrusion, improper modification, theft and unauthorized disclosure is a fundamental service to be provided by any data management system.
For this purpose, one of the main focuses of Strict SociaLab research is the definition and development of next-generation security mechanisms (e.g., access control, identity validation, intrusion detection), which are able to satisfy the security requirements of non traditional applications. We are also studying how blockchain can be used as a general platform to deploy decentralized security services. Having these goals, we are currently working towards developing solutions for a variety of application domains, including:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Online Social Networks (OSN)
  • Emergency Management
  • Data Streams
  • Web Services

Read here for our publications on cybersecurity.