Research Spirit – Designing risk management, trust measures, and social reputation models for a safer e-social world.

Trust has been recognized over the years as a central topic in many aspects of humans’ life.  In Computer Science, trust has been studied in many different areas, with the results of several definitions considering trust from different perspectives. Given the mission of StrictSociaLab,  we are interested in trust as a measure of the confidence that an entity will behave in an expected manner with respect to the security/privacy policies in place.  In addition to trust measures, we are interested in studying  risk that can be seen as the other side of trust. Indeed,  it is a matter of fact that today we are used to have  a large amount of interactions  with persons that we do not know  personally  (think to contacts in online social networks). However, several events reported in the media witness that users establish virtual relationships with never-met people without considering the consequences these new relationships might have for their security/privacy and, some time, personal safety. At this aim, at StrictSociaLab we are interested to study  the concept of risk one might be exposed to when interacting with other  users in an web environment. The above considerations lead us to investigate  models and estimation methods for trust and risk  in a variety of application domains, including:

  • Mobile payment
  • Trust and risk in online Social networks and their interplay with security and privacy
  • Trust in decentralized social networks and IoT

Read here for our publications on trust related models.